About our Photography Services:

We serve the following industries: Real Estate, Architecture/Interior Design, and Hospitality. Below is a price list for the Real Estate Industry. Other industries please contact us for customized prices.

We create our photos with professional grade cameras, lenses and lights as well as utilizing the latest methods of post-production to ensure high-quality final images that may be used for MLS, websites and prints up to billboard size if needed.




We serve Miami-Dade county. There is an additional 15% surcharge for Broward County and 25% for Palm Beach and Monroe Counties.

Real Estate Prices

1-10 Images       $250

11-20 Images     $300

21-25 Images     $350

26-30 Images     $400

31-35 Images     $450

36-40 Images     $500

40+ Images        Additional $10/per image

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